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American Expert Doctors, as part of one of the world’s most prestigious academic medical centers, provides access to a global network of physicians and specialists. We use technology to give high-quality, integrated care to our patients.

American Expert Doctors is part of a global health network that consistently ranks among the world’s best hospitals. We place a premium on clinical excellence, patient safety, and patient care, all of which are supplemented by research, medical education, technology, and collaboration.

Over the course of our 100-year history, our goal — caring for life, studying for health, and educating those who serve — has inspired us to pursue continuous innovation and development.

our vision

Our goal is to keep your wait time to a bare minimum while maximizing our high level of competence in a timely manner. You may anticipate empathetic care and a tailored, non-corporate approach. We believe that primary care should be proactive rather than reactive, as is the current trend. We not only listen to our patients, but we also assist them in determining their own healthcare path.

Health information technology and critical care transportation connect our facilities, ensuring that you get to the appropriate institution, at the right time, for the right care. We continuously evaluate and improve your comfort and safety using real-time data.

Meet our Medical Specialist

Dr. Singh has over 30 years of experience as a physician in Primary Care Clinics, Urgent Care Centers, and Emergency Room settings

Manpreet is physician assistant, passionate about providing high-quality, patient-centered, culturally-sensitive health care. 

Our Focus

American Expert Doctors helps people with dignified care to improve their health

Dedicated to helping people by improving their health and well being

Nationwide network of over multiple facilities that support individual healthcare

Our medical specialists are committed to providing the best care to each person

Promise to deliver the highest standards of safety, quality, care, treatment to people

Diverse team of practitioners with leading healthcare experts

24*7 comfort and support through our urgent care services


Our Approach

Our “Patients First” approach, which provides an atmosphere that delivers world-class clinical care tailored to you, is at the heart of American Expert Doctors. Our best practices include tangible, reliable, and real proof tools, strategies, and procedures that are all meant to improve your experience.

You benefit from our multidisciplinary approach since it provides multiple clinical insights into your care. American Expert Doctors is divided into patient-centered institutes. To optimize patient care and experience, expert teams combine the medical, surgical, and support functions for specific bodily systems or health conditions.

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American Expert Doctors provides excellent urgent care, pelderly care, drug rehab, mental health and executive health care services near you. We have various locations where we employ a qualified, skilled staff of physicians and other professional health care experts to deliver quick and inexpensive medical treatments.