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Screening test of tuberculosis is advised part to test for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis screening test checks if you have been infected with tuberculosis. Not everyone infected with tuberculosis gets sick. Some people have an inactive form of tuberculosis that means latent tuberculosis and it can spread to others. Many People with latent tuberculosis don’t feel any symptoms but there are chances when latent tuberculosis can turn into a far more dangerous infection called active tuberculosis. And if you have active tuberculosis and feeling sick then you should take a thorough screening test and diagnostic test.

At American Expert Doctors there are two types of Tuberculosis (TB) tests used for screening: Skin Test & Blood test. If you have signs of an active TB infection or if you have specific variables that place you at increased risk for TB, you may need a TB skin test or TB blood test.

Tuberculosis Skin Test Includes

  • Use an antiseptic solution to wipe your inside arm.
  • Injecting a small amount of PPD under the first layer of skin with a tiny needle. The tuberculosis bacteria produce PPD, which is a protein. It does not contain live bacteria and will not make you sick.
  • Your forearm will develop a little lump. In a few hours, it should be gone.
  • Make sure the area is left unspoiled and untouched.

You will get notified by a American Expert Doctors  in 48-72 hours. You need to visit our center so that we can check the reaction that could indicate a Tuberculosis infection at the injection site. Swelling, redness, and a rise in size are all signs of this infection.

If you got tested with active tuberculosis then you have to opt for TB blood test and it includes –

Tuberculosis Blood Test 

Our medical experts at American Expert Doctors will take a blood sample from a vein in your arm using a small needle for a TB test in blood (also known as an IGRA test). A small amount of blood will be collected into a test tube or vial once the needle is inserted. When the needle goes in or out, it may sting a little. It normally takes less than five minutes to complete this task.

These are the major two screening tests that we do at American Expert Doctors.

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